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What Our Patients Say!

  • "I used to have bad neck pains and headaches, 1 don't anymore. Dr. Jeffrey is a real life saver."
    Debbie D.
  • "Driving truck takes a toll on my body. Dr. Jeffrey keeps me tuned up so I can be at my best."
    Gordy S.
  • "I first went to a chiro at 16 after a back injury causing my disks to be displaced. My chiro said I had the back issues of a 30 year old with three children. So you can imagine when I found out I was pregnant last fall I was eager to find a chiro in Bellingham. I was blessed with an easy pregnancy with minimal back pain. I couldn't have done so without Dr J!"
    Nicole R.
  • "I just had an adjustment today and it was amazing! Out of all the places I've been to Dr. Sather is the best. I've been going here for a while now and will always go here as long as I live in the area. He is both really good at what he does and is very friendly. Everytime you go you will have a friendly conversation."
    Noah M.
  • "I've been to a lot of chiropractors but doctor J is my favorite. He really listens to me and helps me where I'm comfortable. They're also very flexible with my schedule which is SO helpful!"
    Eryn K.
  • "Dr. Sather approaches his chiropractic practice with years of experience and expertise. He knows what he's talking about and is able to effectively communicate that to his patients. As a college athlete Dr. Sather was and still is helping rehabilitate me to get back to competitive performance."
    R. Grant W.
  • "Great adjustments, is taking care of a lot of pain I've had in my shoulder and neck for over a year"
    Jacob B.
  • "Dr Jeff Sather a very caring and professional chiropractor who is very effective at helping people.
    I highly recommend visiting him for all your chiropractic needs."
    Coleen B.
  • "I've had more than my share of injuries, accidents, surgeries, and pain-reducing prescriptions over the years due to my VERY active lifestyle and occupation choices. But since I started to visit Dr. Jeff regularly, I am now prescription-free, and last year my total medical costs (other than chiropractic) were ZERO! Without Dr. Jeff's chiropractic care, I would not be able to function. Thank you, Dr. J."
    Glen E.
  • "He is great. I am feeling better with ever passing visit."
    Maureen S.
  • "I have been going to Dr. Jeff since 2000... Having had back problems for years I was glad to find Jeff as his work got me through one of the worst periods in my life... I could not walk for almost 3 months... He got me back on my feet and I still go to him with any discomfort... Jeff's follow up work about how I am progressing is a great support system. I recommend him to everyone I know that has back issues... Great Dr. and staff... It is always a pleasure (fun) to go see him."
  • "I don't like going to any kind of doctor or dentist or any of that kind of thing but Dr J provides a great service in a friendly environment. And I actually look forward to my appointments. Jeff has helped me out numerous times with an assortment of body troubles. Thanks for being in Bellingham Dr J."
    A Google User
  • "Dr. J is a miracle worker. After my back injury three years ago I thought I would never be the same. I was very uneasy to see a Chiropractor for back pain, but after seeing Jeff I went from being in so much pain to being able to have my active life back. Jeff is always following up on how I am doing and making sure I am getting in to see him. I recommend him to my family and friends. Dr. Jeff and his staff are a pleasure to see when your in pain!"
    A Google User

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